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Life gives life at ISDDC. The members and friends of our spiritual community give generously of their precious time, their know-how, and their muscle to ensure that ISD is always at its best.


Volunteers can find engaging and enjoyable opportunities in many different and diverse tasks! So whether you want to be involved with the workings of the Sunday Service, lead a team of healers or psychics, or spearhead a focus on a particular spiritual practice, we can make it happen for you! Or if you like to garden, clean, cook, decorate or build, we certainly can find a way to channel your interests and skills in the way that works for YOU! 

Regardless of the task, being a part of collectively creating something special is what helps us to connect in an ever-deepening way with our community;  C'mon and join in the fun! 

If you are interested in exploring where you might be of greatest service, let us know at

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