Our Sunday Service

Though we have been celebrating our services and other events on Zoom or our YouTube channel since the beginning of the pandemic, our 11 a.m. Sunday service is both the culmination and the beginning of our spiritual week, as we gather as community to focus on Spirit, Self and the Universe. Integrating meditation, energy healing, and spiritual message-bearing with more traditional worship activities like homilies (sermons) and congregational prayer, our Service helps us claim our total Well-Being by revitalizing our energy body, honing our mind and nourishing our soul.


Our congregants’ diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds bring a unique, rich perspective to the Service.

Our publication "About Our Service" contains more detailed explanations of the Service elements, and is available by clicking the icon to the left. . 

The Order of Service

  • Processional

    • Celebrants enter the Sanctuary and take their place at the podium.

  • Opening

    • Signals the commencement of the Service and sets the tone for its unfolding.

  • Rite of Wellness

    • A time to bring balance and healing to ourselves, our community and the world.

  • The Lesson

    • A reading followed by a homily offer the day's Lesson.

  • Special Music

    • ISDDC's musically talented congregants often share a musical selection.

  • Rite of Prosperity

    • Congregants affirm their stewardship of ISDDC by sharing their weekly financial offering in fulfillment of their annual pledge.

  • Affirmation of Spirit

    • An alignment with the Source through Message Bearing, Healing Meditation, or other expression  of Spiritual Communication. 

  • Closing

    • Conclusion of the Service within the Sanctuary and  to encourage applying insights of the Service in day to day living throughout the week and beyond.