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Our Prayers

ISDDC provides prayer and healing for those who request it through the form below. A group of healers and spiritually attuned congregants sit quietly at the appointed hour to meditate on the healing and special intentions of those on our Prayer List. 

If you would like your name or someone else’s name placed on this list, please complete the form below and submit it. The information provided here is held in the strictest confidence.  Stating the intention of the prayer request is entirely optional — we will not ask the nature of the prayer intention to assure privacy. Unless intention is specified, all prayers are invoked for wholeness, balance, and highest good for the person whose name you have indicated on the form.

There is no charge for this service, but we ask that you add our Spiritual Community to your prayers of wholeness and gratitude, and remember us in your giving. 

Prayer Request

Prayer Intention (Optional)

Thank you for your request. The name you have submitted will be included in this month's list of prayer recipients. 

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