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Who We Are

The first Institute for Spiritual Development was founded in October, 1976 in Sparta, N.J. by Rev. James De Biasio. In May, 1986, Rev. De Biasio founded the second Institute for Spiritual Development here in Washington, D.C. Since then, ISDDC has been serving the National Capital area as a vibrant, diverse, and God-centered metaphysical church spiritual community, dedicated to expanding spiritual awareness -- individually and collectively -- in an atmosphere of unconditional love, fellowship and service. 

Metaphysics (“beyond physics or physical”) is a branch of philosophy that addresses the nature of The Divine, The Universe, Humanity, and the relationship of all three. Metaphysical concepts are inherent in all religious and spiritual practices, so our inspiration, insight and wisdom comes from the teachings of many sacred texts (including the Bible) as well as from any and all culture, art, experiences and relationships that humanity has encountered in daily life and throughout history. We are guided by a set of Principles that inform all our spiritual activities. We embrace God's "living gifts" of prophecy (psychic or intuitive) abilities, and healing, as the Divine working through us., and offer ISDDC offers many resources to help us align with at the Presence that is around all of us, and within each of us.

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