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ISDDC is vibrant and alive and reinvigorated! And yet, its survival is not guaranteed simply because of its powerful, mystical energy.


And so, as stewards and stakeholders of our Sacred Experience, we must boldly claim responsibility for our community's LIFE! We must do more than survive as we move into the future - we must thrive.


We must envision the Community of our dreams, and we must pledge to do our part to make those dreams a reality. We must pledge our support, and we must fulfill that pledge of support! 


 ISDDC relies on the annual pledges of our members as we plan and budget for each year’s operations and programs.


We depend on the fulfillment of those pledges to pay for the expenses related to those operations and programs


It's easy to support our community! Just click on the donate button to the left. With this one button, you can:

  • Renew your membership dues

  • Make a one-time donation

  • Work toward fulfilling your annual pledge by making your regular contribution on your terms and timeline; or

  • Authorize ISD to automatically deduct your contribution using your credit card each month.

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