Only Words of Love

are Spoken Here.

ISD is a mystical church and spiritual community offering sacred experiences supporting each individual’s unique understanding of a Universal Divine Presence beyond the physical world. ISD seeks to inspire all seekers of spiritual enrichment to confidently embrace and expand their personal awareness of, and alignment with, that eternal Divine Presence.


What's Happening This Week

Tue, Oct 20
Online Course
History of the Modern Metaphysical Movement
with Rev. James De Biasio Learn about how the metaphysical perspective of spirituality gained popularity in the United States and how the Institute for Spiritual Development is part of that movement of re-thinking our ideas of Spirit!
Wed, Oct 21
Online Meditation
Evening Meditation ONLINE!
Join: We'll center ourselves in stillness and serenity, hope and healing.
Sat, Oct 24
Online Meeting
Saturday Spiritual Gift Sampler ONLINE: Remote Reiki for Ourselves and Our World
This week Reiki Master Sylvia Wrate takes us on a healing journey where we mobilize and then deploy our gifts of healing to envision and manifest a world of Well-Being and Peace -- both inside of us and external to us.
Sat, Oct 24
ZOOMessage Gallery ONLINE
ZOOMessage Gallery
Its like our in-person Message Circle...only its online using the Zoom Gallery...and relentless timer to keep things moving! You and up to 9 others will each receive short messages from four of our quickly-intuiting readers.
Sat, Oct 31
Online Meeting
Saturday Spiritual Gift Sampler ONLINE: Connecting to Spirit Through Automatic Writing
With Special Guest Monti Scribner, author of channeled books ‘Not What We Appear to Be,' and ‘Braiding Light.' We’ll explore how to recognize and strengthen your connection with Guidance through automatic writing, sometimes called channel
Sun, Nov 01
Sunday Service Celebration
Sunday Service: Honoring the Ancestors of ISDDC
With Rev. Martha Saenz, Rev. Rob Banaszak, Rev. James De Biasio To join: This Sunday we dedicate this special online service to the Ancestors of our beloved ISDDC church.

Get Involved!

A line in the Prayer of St. Francis says: 

"it is in giving of ourselves that we receive..."


At ISDDC, we encourage all seekers who feel drawn or connected to our community to reflect on how that connection can be deepened ond expanded to best support their spiritual goals and intentions. 

Engage with ISDDC by JOINING as a member, VOLUNTEERING for various services, events and activites, PLEDGING to support the church financially each year, and DONATING financial and other resources to the church in fulfillment of that pledge.

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