Words of Love: A Statement of Solidarity

The Institute for Spiritual Development in Washington, D.C. is a God-centered church dedicated to our congregation’s, and the greater community’s, growing spiritual awareness in an atmosphere of unconditional love, acceptance and service.

As part of our core principles, we believe God (the Infinite Intelligence) expresses itself in ALL existence, and in humanity, as a manifestation of Divine Love. This belief affirms for us the unity of ALL life, as well the preciousness of EACH life.

We are deeply concerned about the death of George Floyd (and countless other Black Americans) at the hands of law enforcement exceptions, who chose to violate their oath to serve and protect; and whose misguided abuse of their authority has provoked such outrage in our Nation. The systemic marginalization of Black Americans, which has fueled generations of hatred, disparity and and hopelessness, is a violation of American spiritual values.

At the core of our principles, we believe that our highest Self is attained when we abide by the Golden Rule, which is taught in just about every faith tradition that has ever existed: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In the spirit of this mandate, we stand with those seeking justice through peaceful protest and peace through equal justice.

We recognize through our connection to our Divine Self, that we matter. We affirm our ministry of helping others understand this about themselves. We reject any efforts of a person or group to intimidate another person or group into forgetting that they matter.

In our Spiritual Community, and in The United States, the lives of Black people are vital and precious. We pray that the outcome of last week's passion, anger, determination and hope will successfully advance justice and equality for our country because...BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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