Vibration Intoxication

Full disclosure: I am still loopy with a buzz from our Camp DreamWeaver retreat a couple of weekends ago. So much so that I am hoping you get a "contact high" from reading this post! 

You can see the photos from Camp DreamWeaver on our Facebook Page,, or on the Google Photos page that continues to be populated with photos from those who attended.

 Actually, my "high vibration intoxication" actually started several weeks back, at our combined Sunday Celebration/Autumnal Equinox Service. And it just kept building -- through the wonderful podium debut of ministerial student Wendy Harmic, through the intensive discussions of our "Process of Self Awakening Class," through the absolutely astounding Camp DreamWeaver Retreat at the Am Kolel Sanctuary Retreat Center over Columbus Day Weekend, up through the moving and reverent Earth Healing Service we had last week led by Rev Jim De Biasio and Sylvia Wrate.

Add the way our ISDDC community was able to contribute to the housewares drive we did for recently displaced youth starting their own households at the Douglas Knoll Apartments in Southeast DC, and I bursting with pride who we are, and who we are becoming as a Spiritual Community. We continue to bring freshness, inspiration and magic to all of our endeavors, and I can feel the blossoming of us individually, and as a community.  

Can you feel it? That nice warm and wonderful feeling? 

Oh, that's right...that warm feeling actually could be coming from our BRAND NEW HVAC SYSTEM! Thanks to the generosity of several dedicated ISDDC members, we were able to raise the deposit we needed to get our new furnace and air conditioning units installed in time for the rapidly cooling temperatures. We still have the relatively hefty balance to pay off, so we gratefully are continuing to accept donations earmarked for the system. But, my friends...we have a brand new system that should keep us warm and cool for a nice long time. Because an investment in our daily comfort is definitely an investment in our future. 

We have lots coming up in the next few weeks. Awesome regular events like SpiritFEST, new offerings from new guest instructors like Melody Krafft's Ghost of the Past workshop, and, of course, Dedication Sunday, where we all take stock of what ISDDC means to us, and help the Church create its budget for the coming year by making our annual pledge.

Be sure to keep checking our website at for updates, and let's finish this year strong as we begin next year even stronger. 

Much love, gratitude and peace --

Rev. Rob

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