The Reset Button

Greetings of peace to you, and loving prayers for healing, wholeness, and wellbeing.

Many, if not most, of you will be able to relate -- I have been trying to

see my way out of my fog over the last several days. I have been in a state of near-incapacitation about the state the world in the wake of COVID-19. I've slept away most of the last four days, having little or no desire to do anything except eat the giant stash of food we have that is supposed to last until the end of the month. The spiral downward had begun.

Until yesterday, that is. I saw the most beautiful response to the world chaos that we have been plunged into. It came in the form of an "Imagined Letter from COVID-19 to Humans," which was posted on the website. You will likely hear us read it in the very near future, but I invite you to read it as well by clicking the link above.

Many metaphysical and spiritually-minded folks have been able to take a birds-eye-view of this unfathomable worldwide disruption, to see it as a "reset button" on humanity. As our "hail-mary" chance to re-align ourselves with what is really important in life, and rid ourselves of what has become empty, meaningless distraction. Intellectually and spiritually, I understand and believe this point of view.

But I hadn't been able to clear my personal fog to really feel it. So how I could be available to others in their confusion and anxiety, when I couldn't get myself together?  Then I read this letter, which masterfully outlines the "reset/realignment" concept with such honesty, clarity and eloquence, that I could not help to be soothed and inspired, even though the times we face just ahead of us may be difficult.

We have such a gift at this time....the gift of our community. And ISDDC's leaders take our responsibility seriously to cultivate our community's physical and spiritual health and well-being. Though we have suspended our live events in an effort to curb COVID-19's impact on our region, we have several online offerings to help maintain our Spiritual practice and nourish our Spiritual expansion. Check out our website for ongoing information.

We also recognize these challenging days of uncertainty may mean tighter budgets on your homefront. However, If you are able, we hope you'll consider making your weekly love offering to our virtual collection plate.  No matter how big or small, your support is critical to ensuring when the time comes, we'll have doors to re-open for those who seek our Sanctuary's spiritual sustenance.

This is the time for us to be the community we have always envisioned ourselves to be. Let us remember that while circumstances may make it necessary to be socially-distanced, we can always make the choice to be spiritually-connected!

Stay healthy, Beloved Community.

-Rev Rob

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