Safety First; Survey Will Help!

Last week, I wrote of the District of Columbia entering into Phase 2 of its reopening stage, and indicated that ISDDC was reviewing the guidelines and working on developing a reopening schedule to meet both the capacity and the comfort levels of you, our congregants, as well as our volunteers - Board of Trustees and Ministerial  Staff. I also encouraged folks to email me directly if they had strong feelings either way. 

Emails that I received from a few of you last week indicated quite the opinion spread between those wanting to be back in the Sanctuary ASAP and those who have indicated that they are simply not ready to return. 

This week I invite you to take a very short survey to help the leadership team get a more complete understanding of what makes sense for us all. Your responses will help us zero in on a timeline that makes sense for everyone who regularly participates in ISDDC's activities, both in-person and online.  

Please review these Phase 2 guidelines for houses of worship before completing the brief survey to understand how very different in-person services/events would be like in Phase 2 - no hugs, temperature checks, sign-in sheets, no fellowship or bookstore, remaining 6 feet apart, masks, etc.

Complete the survey here. If we keep our communication channels open, soon we will have both an in-person AND online community that is integrated, interactive and incomparable! 

We all miss one another! We all want to be together to celebrate! But we want to make sure we remain smart and safe, so that we can return to being together with peace of mind and open hearts, even if we are yet unable to greet one another with open arms, and that trademark ISDDC hug.

Love to you always

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