No Games, No Thrones, but Epic Nonetheless

Updated: May 2, 2019

I am having a challenging time wrapping myself around April being a “short” month, with only 30 days. The inspiration, the enthusiasm, the grace, the growth and the triumph I have witnessed has been epic. And that’s in addition to the first three episodes of the last season of Game of Thrones! 

The month kicked off with the conference of ISD ministers, which takes place every two years. This year was particularly exhilarating, for we added three NEW ISD churches to our ranks, bringing our total to SEVEN. This was the fourth time I have participated in this conference. It was the first time, however, that there were nearly 40 ministers and ministerial students participating, all in service to their respective local churches, and our broader Spiritual Community. Talk about inspiring! The pride that I feel being a part of this gifted, talented, dedicated and determined group of people is overflowing. The energy we raised in each other, for our respective ISDs and for ISD as a living entity was electric. I have no doubt the congregations of each ISD could feel a palpable positive vibrational shift in their ministers when everyone returned home. 

We got back just in time to get in high gear for Easter week, which includes Service of the Roses (ISD’s metaphysical perspective of Palm Sunday), Service of the Shadows (ISD’s metaphysical perspective of Good Friday) and Easter Sunday (ISD’s metaphysical perspective of the Resurrection).  For me personally, Easter Sunday marked my fourth anniversary of being installed as Pastor/Director of this Sacred Community, which in and of itself brought with it yet another almost-but-never-too-overwhelming set of feelings. 

ISDDC held a three-class course in which ISD founder Rev. James De Biasio helped us to unpack and examine our Declaration of Principles, which inspired delightfully spirited conversation in class, and certainly continued our momentum of  “big” spiritual thinking throughout the entire month. 

With no rest for the energized after Easter Sunday, ISDDC ministerial student Chrone Heston took to the podium for the first time as MC. I felt like a proud papa serving alongside Chrone as the homilist. I beamed at his earnestness and his joy, knowing that his life would be forever changed as a result of his moment, no matter what course he took in his ministerial pursuits. 

And if all those events weren’t enough to stuff April full of Spiritual substance, we finalized the details and announced TWO first-time events coming up in May. In addition to the second second Sacred Sounds Healing Concert presented by Sahffi Lynne and Alan Pratt , Rev. James De Biasio will host our first “Saturday of Stillness,” a silent afternoon retreat. Rev Jim will lead us on a personally intimate, wordless journey into our Deep Self -- the Divine Presence that dwells uniquely in Each, as a part of the All. Participants will be prompted and guided by several provocative reflection topics and insights throughout the course of the day. 

Also for the first time, ISDDC will host a free, public poetry reading called Todos Somos Whitman, a bilingual, bicultural event featuring DC-area Latino/a poets reading their original Walt Whitman-inspired poetry. The poetry reading at ISDDC is part of the Walt Whitman 200 Festival celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of Walt Whitman, one of America’s most beloved poets.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to experience this example of Spirit as Creativity, Longtime ISDDC friend and award-winning poet Tina Daub, who championed this event at ISD with the festival organizers, offers her inspiration for this collaboration in this recent blog post.

As I write this in the final hours of April 2019, I am truly blessed by the richness of experience that ISDDC continues to be for me, and for the opportunity to share that richness with others. I have no doubt that the blessings we have been showered with the entire month will yield bountiful blossoms in the coming weeks, making May even more magic than it has ever been. 

That’s way more epic than Game of Thrones.

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