Let's REALLY Let Our Love Flow!

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Love Month: Part Deux

So...how is YOUR Love Month going?

Are you saying words of Love? Are you thinking thoughts of Love?

Rev. Fran shared her refections on love last week in her homily, and of course we all know this Thursday is Valentine's Day. What's the plan beyond that? How will you "Let Your Love Flow" on Friday? Or next week? (Imagine Jeopardy theme playing here)

Time's up! Tell you what,,,I have an idea...let's make a plan together for moving forward in LOVE...and let's start this coming Sunday, February 17, with a special Service at 11 a.m. It'll be like our regular Sunday Service, but with even MORE Love.

Now we have done a Love-focused service for the last several years and it has always been fun and engaging. We have a table in the front of the church decorated with “Love”-themed candles and confetti and tablecloths…Congregants would bring in photos or mementos of those whom they love, either here on this plane or in the Spirit Realm. And, during the Affirmation Spirit portion of the service when we usually give messages, we invite those who brought pictures to come up and talk about their loved ones in the pictures. Then anyone else, even if they didn’t bring anything in, could come up and share about their loved ones.

This year, we are going to try something a bit different. Something to help us “Keep on Love on” after the ol’ Hallmark holiday has passed.

We’re calling our Service the Thoughts of Love, Words of Love Service. And it is all about YOU!

Please bring your very favorite picture you have of you — a picture that reflects or reveals how GOOD you feel. It can be with others or by yourself…But it must be one in which you feel your happiness, awesomeness, fabulousness. You’ll be invited then, to come up and share what you love about you in that picture.

No picture? No problem! You can still come up and share a memory or an experience in which you just loved being you and loved you without condition.

Together, we will create a safe space to love ourselves, wholely and completely and unreservedly! And when I am loving me and you are loving you, then we have created a perfect system where no one is attempting to love someone else out of obligation, duty, proxy, pity, guilt. We won’t have time for all of that because we’ll be focused on loving US out of, well, LOVE!

So let’s do this…let’s start creating a paradigm of Love in and for the Universe by really supporting each other as we love ourselves first!

Because, in the words of the inimitable Ru Paul, (which I say often in homilies, postings and classes) if you can’t love yourself, how in the heck you going to be able to love anybody else?”

Can I get an “amen???”

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