(Inner) Child's Play

During a recent homily series I offered several weeks back, I revealed "Inner Child Robbie" to the congregation. "Inner Child Robbie" is the doll that I created during a delightful all day workshop led by guest ISDDC instructor Ava Barron-Shasho. The process of creating that doll helped to awaken my summer intention of experiencing Freedom Within. I have been ramping up my one-on-one conversations and other group speaking opportunities with my newfound dedication to helping everyone explore this most empowering idea.

So, it all started with a doll-making workshop. We had moved to the part of the workshop where we were choosing various aspects and traits of our Inner Child doll to sew, draw and assemble. Workshop leader Ava had taken on the job of creating the hair piece for each of our dolls with yarn and a sewing machine.  I had previously shown Ava a picture I had of me from Halloween, where I dressed up as Batgirl, which had been a childhood dream of mine. As part of that costume, I wore a wig of long, flowing red hair -- which, opened me to a startling alignment with a deeper me. I LOVED how wearing this wig made me feel...like I  had "come home" to myself in a way.

So when Ava called out to me, "Rob you know your doll has long red hair," something clicked in me; this made perfect sense. Up until that point, I had been starting to make my inner child doll a little "mini-me" of who I am now...an avatar of that little boy that I look at in pictures of my family from long ago.

But that's just me as a child -- as the young version of the 55 year old man I am now. My INNER CHILD, however, is my eternal Spirit, my Divine Self, my Magical Essence. My INNER CHILD is EVERY TRAIT THAT IS THE MOST ME! So my Inner Child doll can look like anything I want it to...any way that represents my experience of being the MOST ME. 

Like when I wore that wig. 

You can guess the rest (or look at the picture in this post) -- I created a doll that is my ETERNAL ESSENCE -- Inner Robbie, whose gender isn't important, who has long flowing hair (not just red, but red and bright blond!), who has angel wings, a big heart and a smile that says LOVE to me every time I look. Who is perfection incarnate as Divine Being.


How freeing it has been to be released from this outdated concept of my inner child, which, up until making my doll, had been that little boy in my family photo albums. That little boy Robbie was happy on rare occasions, but was mostly confused, burdened, and detached from the world around him. Inner Child Robbie, however, a radiant essence of playfulness, joy and magic, had little boy Robbie's back the entire time -- encouraging him, soothing him, holding him, caring for him -- for me -- my entire existence.

Inner Child Robbie has been my constant companion, never growing old, because Inner Child Robbie doesn't know or live in time. Inner Child Robbie lives in Divinity, and reminds me daily of my Freedom, because Inner Child Robbie IS my Freedom. To know Who I Am. To Love Who I Am.  To Express Who I Am.

Contrary to the concepts fueling much of politics and religion these days, True Freedom was not given, gifted, decreed, won, or seized by ANY PERSON OR EXPERIENCE outside of us. This Freedom is inherent in our very BEING, and all we must do to experience it is to CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE IT. Regardless of what is happening to us and the world OUTSIDE, my Freedom to know Who I Am and be Who I Am doesn't have to be a elusive, lifelong Spiritual Quest.  It can simply be a quiet but confident knowledge and awareness of our Divine Essence. our Inner Child. 

With that all settled, my Spiritual Quest no longer has to be about me discovering Who I AM, it can be about helping OTHERS discover Who They Are. 

Yes, Freedom is our Inner Child, my beloved friends. With really fun hair. 

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