Showers of Dreams, Flowers of Imagination

"April showers bring May flowers,,," 

At the Spring Equinox service, I chose for the intention of the Rite of the Altar "prolific and productive creativity" for ISDDC. This really was an expansion of the intention we set at the beginning of the year during the "Make The Dream Real" ritual we did in January. Which is a part of my core belief that when we tap into our creative Self, we are tapping into our psychic or intuitive Self -- as well as our healing and Well-Being.  Learn how to embrace an untouched painting canvas, a silent musical instrument, or a blank journal page, as opportunity and possibility, means that we can embrace our life from this moment forward as that "blank canvas" or "new (untitled) document," awaiting for our imagination to impart our unique imprint on it. No matter what has come before the moment I am in now, I can turn to a blank page or canvas and create my life however I imagine it to be. However I choose it to be. 

So, If January, February and March were about getting feel for what unleashed creativity feels like, then these "April Showers" that are upon us are our reminder that creativity begets more creativity. So whatever creativity we have been tapping in over the last couple of months (have you been to one of our Sunday Services in the last several weeks???) I think it it is time to ramp it up even loosen "showers of creativity" out of any storm clouds we sense are overhead and near us. To fill ourselves up with as much of it as we can take, and then share profusely and widely. 

In the last several months, we have had our goddess/dream ritual, our introductory public speaking course and our chakra course. We began planning for a new and bold retreat adventure; offered a "make your own inner child" doll workshop; and held a stunning Sunday service of storytelling, earth magic chanting and drumming. We are working on bringing to ISD workshops and events focusing on creative inspiration, storytelling, flower arranging, glassmaking, visual arts, poetry reading, special musically-themed services, and much much more. 

I believe that when we make that first stroke on the canvas, type that first word on the page, play the first note on a long-silent musical instrument, or stitch the first stitch on a new fabric project, we are aligning with the Divine Mind. We are connecting with the Source. And when we do those things as a community, we are having fun, too! 

As we move through April, we move closer to the time when we celebrate the Resurrection of our brother Jesus, the Wayshower. We recognize his Resurrection as our own rebirth.  What a tremendous opportunity we have right now to imagine, create, and manifest the life that awaits us after our rebirth!  So let's gather to imagine, and we'll hone our intuition. Let's gather to envision, and we'll nurture our Well-being. Let's gather to create, and we'll manifest our dreams. 

May you be showered with as many dreams as you can dream.

Rev. Rob

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