A Round of Applause; A Pat on the Back

Happy Spring!

I know it has been quite awhile since I have written a piece for this space. However, as we have recently passed the one year anniversary of moving all of our offerings online while simultaneously celebrating this season of Spring, Renewal and Resurrection, I thought I would jot a few reflections down about the journey we have made over the last year, and how amazed and proud I am of our community’s flexibility, resilience, and Spirit.

Really, though, I just would like to offer my Congratulations to YOU!

YOU — Each and every one of our members, congregants, participants, and visitors. For learning how to Zoom. For showing up at Sunday Services, Spirit Share Saturdays, Online Psychic Fairs, ZOOMessage Galleries, Book Discussion Circles, Death Cafes and Spirit Salons. For generously supporting our finances and our fellowship.

YOU - our regular in-person attendees, who usually live for the abundant hugs and our lively physical gatherings — for your willingness to leave your comfort zone and virtually engage with the community, even though you are counting the moments until we are hugging again.

YOU - who may have left the DC area long ago, begrudgingly accepting that you’d “never find another ISD,” for allowing yourself to experience the miracle of re-discovering, and reengaging with, the Spiritual Community you have never stopped loving whole-heartedly.

YOU - from outside of the DC area, for courageously taking a chance on our virtual offerings, despite having never been to our physical space or knowing any other ISD members - and then feeling enough love, support, encouragement and enrichment to join us and claim your unique space with us.

YOU - my fellow ministers and students members, for graciously and generously making the paradigm shift to a new way of serving our congregants this year, even if you didn’t want it, like it, or get it.

YOU - the ISDDC Board of Trustees - for continuing to be diligently responsible for the stewardship of our Church’s resources and management of its operations, through the most difficult — and the most joyful — times.

YOU - Rev. James De Biasio, our founder, for inspiring all of us with the awesome vision of your Life Work’s work, and entrusting us with its Legacy as we plan for its Future.

Now everyone, give yourselves a round of applause, and a big pat on the back. YOU DID IT. You are DOING IT! We are doing it! With determination. With dedication. With Love.

The season of rebirth and renewal is upon us! From the challenges and the triumphs of the last year, we are re-energizing, revitalizing, and re-imagining our Community in the next year and years to come.

"Another round for EVERYONE!"

Peace -

Rev. Rob

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