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Spiritual Gifts Certification Program 

Have you ever felt that you had an innate healing touch or intuitive abilities?


Have you ever felt drawn to energy-healing and the people that practice it? Has anyone told you that “you should be a healer" or "you must be psychic?" 


Well, ISD’s Spiritual Gifts Certification Program might be just the right next step on your spiritual journey to helping others with your spiritual gifts!

Our intensive but accessible program focuses on several components of energy-healing and intuition honing, providing an experiential overview of the spiritual arts that culminates in an vetting process*** to be a healing and intuitive pracititioner at ISD’s Sunday Services and other spiritual events.


Through hands-on sessions, lectures, and discussion, you’ll deepen your spiritual awareness, make new friends, and discover the healing modality that works most effectively through you and with you in promoting wellness and well-being in others.

***All classes and workshops must be completed in both modules.

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